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Future development
The future developments in the Tadlo.net project will focus on improving the continuity of the activities and providing better sustainability to the project.
We cannot provide year-round continuous lessons as we haven't found a capable local teacher yet. Even tough efforts have been made to recruit a local teacher, so far we could not find an appropriate candidate. Nevertheless, the Lao project partner is exerted to find a local teacher for the TCEC in the close future. The teacher will then be assisted by advanced students who act as tutors for their fellow students.
So far, the Tadlo.net project had to rely on donations and volunteer work. No funds could be obtained by the TCEC itself since only free education was provided and no profitable services could be offered. This situation has changed due to the completion of our own school building equipped with a computer network and Internet connection. An Internet café which is integrated in the TCEC offers profitable services to tourists and local people. The earnings of these services will be used to cover the running expenses such as the costs of electricity and the Internet connection as well as the salary of the teacher. Further profitable services will be identified and integrated in the operation of the TCEC to improve sustainability and perpetuity.
Future funds will be used to build an attached library, a toilet and housing for the teacher. Such improvements of the infrastructure of the TCEC require financial support and can thus be sponsored as sub-projects.