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Theoretical lessons 2004/2005

arrow Theoretical lessons 2004/2005 (18)
Between 11/2004 and 03/2005 the first computer courses were offered at the TCEC. The daily classes took place at the local Seset Secondary School. The lessons were held in English and translations in Lao provided to make sure that the students understood the contents. There was a great interest in the courses and up to 80 students joined the class.

Practical lessons 2004/2005

arrow Practical lessons 2004/2005 (9)
Even though not many computers were available at the TCEC, the students had the opportunity for some hands-on experience. To demonstrate the topics covered in the theoretical lessons, the ASA volunteer Minh and Soulideth, the Lao project partner brought the available computers to the classroom. On Saturdays additional practical lessons were offered at Soulideth's place. The students were very motivated and eager to get to know the new technology.

Holiday course 2005

arrow Holiday course 2005 (5)
In February 2005 a holiday course took place at the TCEC. During the two weeks course, the class of 15 students had intensive practical lessons. At the end of the course, all students succeeded in the practical exam and proudly received a certificate for the completion of the course.

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