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Get involved
Tadlo.net as a private aid project depends on donations, but in contrast to many other initiatives not only financial grants are welcome. There are various ways to support the project and the provision of free education. If you have any question or suggestion concerning donations, don't hesitate to contact us.
We are open to any proposed promotion but possible forms of support include:
  • Donations:
    You or your company can promote the Tadlo.net project with a financial contribution or sponsorship. You can either make an unbound donation to the project or bind your donation in choosing one of the sub-projects which can be directly sponsored. As a nonprofit organization, Digitale Brücke can also issue donation receipts. All donations should be marked with a clear reason for payment: Tadlo.net project + code of sub-project (optionally).
    You can either use Paypal for online transaction or transfer your donation to the bank account of Digitale Brücke:
    Beneficiary:Digitale Brücke e.V.
    Bank:SEB AG Stuttgart
    IBAN:DE15 6001 0111 1738 9802 00
  • In-kind donations:
    Contributions in kind can also promote the development and the activities of the TCEC. Please contact us to get information about current demands, and the conditions of sending the donations.
    • Computer hardware
      New or fully operational second hand computer hardware to maintain and improve the educational computer network is highly welcome. The costs to replace broken-down computers could be restrained if they were replaced with donated computers or repaired with available spare parts.
    • English books & educational material
      We would like to open a library for the students where they can come to read and learn by themselves. Simple children's storybooks and educational books that are fun encourage the students to read even in a foreign language. Educational software or anything suitable to teaching young children the English language and computer basics will enrich our resources and promote independent learning of our students.
    • School supplies
      Many students come from poor families which cannot afford school supplies for all of their children. Even though the students at the TCEC don't have to wear uniforms, they still need extra exercise books and pencils for learning at the TCEC. In providing the required material for deprived students we can assure that all students are given the same opportunities to learn at the TCEC.
  • Volunteer at the TCEC:
    The fruitful cooperation with the volunteers who helped to establish the TCEC so far played an important role in the development of the project. If you are interested in supporting our local project partners, teaching classes in English, giving instructions for the practical computer courses, developing our teaching material, integrating new ideas and perspectives or promoting the ongoing activities at the TCEC don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Join Digitale Brücke e.V.:
    In joining the German organization Digitale Brücke e.V. you can strengthen the framework in which the Tadlo.net project is conducted. As a member you can directly or indirectly promote the development of the Tadlo.net project and further activities of the organization. For information of how to join Digitale Brücke e.V. please check their website.