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Project description
Tadlo.net is a project of development cooperation between the German organization Digitale Brücke e.V. and the Lao regional initiative Tadlo Computer Education Center (TCEC) whose members are committed to improve the educational perspectives of the youth in the rural area in Southern Laos.
The central objective of the Tadlo.net project is the establishment and operation of the Tadlo Computer Education Center (TCEC) in the rural area of Ban Sane Vang in Southern Laos. The village is located on the Bolaven Plateau about 30km from Saravane, the capital of the province. In this area with a high ethnic diversity, the educational infrastructure is quite limited and there is only one secondary school providing education to the eighth grade. In order to obtain further education, students have to travel long distances which many families cannot afford. The TCEC meets the local demand for further education and offers free computer training and English lessons to the community.
Our students are used to the traditional teaching methods in Laos but at the TCEC with additional educational methods, they also practice creativity as well as independent and explorative learning and practicing. With appropriate computer skills, children can use computers for learning. Educational software and computer courses introduce new methods of learning and can provide knowledge which would otherwise not be accessible to the students. Through the computer training, the students gain new competences in the area of communication, media and digital data processing which are important factors for social mobility and the egression from the predominant subsistence agriculture.
In developing countries like Laos, access to this kind of knowledge is mostly limited to elitist communities in urban areas. In Laos computer training is usually available only in bigger urban centers and linked to considerable course fees. Therefore, this kind of education is not affordable for most students in Laos and computer skills are limited to a small percentage of people. The TCEC tries to bridge this educational gap and is the only institution offering free computer education in the agriculturally marked rural area in the Saravane province in Southern Laos.
Furthermore, the students are given the possibility to learn and practice English as this is the language of instruction at the TCEC. Laos has been recognized by a growing number of tourists over the last years and the business with tourists has been steadily growing. Since the region of Ban Sane Vang is also an attraction to national and foreign tourists, the language skills gained at the TCEC form the basis for the youth to enter the growing tourism industry.
Moreover, the TCEC also provides Internet access and the people of the region are hence given public access to the unlimited information base and the means of communication of the Internet.
If you are interested to support the Tadlo.net project, please have a look at possible ways to promote the development of the project and the sub-projects which can be directly sponsored.