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While our volunteer teachers prepared the Happy teacher's day with little presents for the TCEC students, they were surprised with a sea of flowers.

The opening day ceremony of the new TCEC school building took place on 30-09-2007. Several officials from the region and province used the occasion of the ceremony to learn about the activities of the education center. About thirty students came to get to know and enjoy the benefits of the new infrastructure.

In August 2007 the construction of the new school building for the TCEC was started. The construction phase was completed after 6 weeks followed by electrical installations and equipping of the interior decoration.

During the four month stay of the ASA volunteer in 2004/2005, the first computer lessons at the TCEC were conducted. The daily theoretical lessons took place at the local Seset Secondary School after regular school hours. On Saturdays additional practical lessons were offered at the place of the Lao project partner.

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